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Who is CrorkService and How We Started Our Way to Success?

Hello mate!

If you came around our blog, it means that you heard about CrorkService. If not, I will introduce who we are. Get ready for interesting and captivating reading.

CrorkService is a SEO agency, with more than 7 years of experience working in SEO field. Back in 2011 the small team of SEO enthusiasts registered on some freelancer platforms, including They called themselves CrorkService, uploaded couple of gigs and started to sell. 2011 was the raising year for SEO and online marketing and they got in the right time in the right place. The gig offering high quality Social Bookmarks very quickly won the love of buyers and became the best selling gig. Until now this is one of the most popular gigs on Fiverr in SEO category. It has 35260 reviews left by satisfied buyers and is still giving a good boost for any website which use it. Of course during this time the technology of the gig changed, but these powerful and cheap social bookmarks are preferred by all our buyers.

The second gig which gain buyers’ popularity was the LinkWheel gig. CrorkService SEO specialists included in one small gig for only $5, web 2.0 properties, article submissions made directly on client’s website and social bookmarks made on above mentioned links. These were very difficult times for the team, because gigs started to get popularity and there was a record of more than 400 orders in queue. The guys were working more than 12 hours daily to manage to deliver all orders in time and appeared a need to hire new people.

Next gigs created by CrorkService were 7 450 Article Submissions, 40 000 Blog Comments and EDU Blog Comments. At this moment the team counted more than 10 workers, who were all together passionated by SEO and everything related to it. Some of the old gigs were considerably improved and are still available for buyers. If you’re looking to spread your article among a lot of people and on a bunch of websites, check the gig 7 450 Article Submissions. If you want to make a super blast of blog comments to your website’s backlinks, your best choice will be the 40 000 Blog Comments gig.

Step by step, finding services which are in demand on SEO market and offering them exclusively to fiverr buyers, CrorkService became a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr. This achievement was one of the most important for the team, because started a new era for CrorkService. The quantity of offered gigs increased to 30, the number of workers and teammates to more than 20 people and more and more new and efficient gigs started to appear on CrorkService Fiverr profile.

Nowadays CrorkService is holding the leading positions in SEO category on Fiverr, offering 30 high performing gigs to their buyers. Our main goal is to search for all SEO trends and tendencies, convert them in high quality gigs and keep the customers satisfied with provided services. By 2017, most of the services were switched to manual work, which increased their effectiveness in long run.