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About us

About us

CrorkService Company operates (the "Site"). The Site was created to encourage internet users to get acknowledged with services we sell on third party websites.

CrorkService is a SEO agency with more than 7 years of experience in field of SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Most of our users and clients might know that we were a Top Rated Seller on biggest freelancer platform – since July 2011. Unfortunately, during last months Fiverr introduced new updates in their system and tighten rules and requirements for sellers in SEO niche. Due to this, most Top Rated Sellers from this niche were affected and their accounts were disabled forever.

To our great regret, this did not pass us by and our account on was disabled without a possibility to be restored. We hope that our 7 years of experience as Fiverr Top Rated Seller won't be ended here and we are now strengthening our positions to overcome this unpleasant situation.

Anyway we are steel providing our services and you can find us on many others marketplaces or on our website

Please contact us in regards to any questions and you will get a Personal Manager, who will help you with any matter.

With Regards,
CrorkService Team.